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Cookery Classes 2023

Sake and Japanese Tasting Experience at Blow Water Cafe 4B Heathfield Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7DB

Friday 1st December 7-9pm  £63 p/p

Join Kinome Japonica at Blow Water Birmingham for a unique experience where you will explore the world of sake and its perfect culinary companions. 

During this tasting evening, you’ll have the opportunity to try five different types of sake, each expertly paired with complementary tasting dishes. 

Our international sake sommelier will guide you through the nuances of each sake variety and how to fully savour the flavours. 

**Example sake and food pairings*:**

- Sparkling sake with yam tempura 
- Ginjo sake with cured white fish
- Yamahai sake with smoked tofu
- Warm sake with Blow Water’s dumplings
- Nigori sake with Japanese cheesecake

*these may vary on the night

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your appreciation of Japanese sake and cuisine!

Booking link at YUUP : Booking

The Farm Stratford

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Soldeli, London

   Date will confirm soon

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