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Example classes / workshops

Hands on classes

ichi ju san sai

Traditional Japanese

Learn about the traditional eating style called ichi ju san sai which means one soup with three dishes including rice. Learn how to make miso soup, cook Japanese rice alongside seasonal vegetables and fish dishes


Learn how to cook sushi rice, prepare various kinds of fillings and toppings including raw fish to be used in different types of sushi including temaki, roll and gunkan

Temaki Sushi

Shojin Ryori (Japanese vegetarian)

Shojin cuisine was established in Buddhist temples. Learn how to make vegetarian stock, cook Japanese rice and seasonal vegetable dishes. Buddhist thinking behind Shojin cuisine will also be touched upon during the class

Tofu making 

Creating tofu from scratch. Making soya milk and learning about tofu science. Learn how to make different types of tofu to cook various tofu dishes. I hold a Tofu Meister Advanced certification

Tofu in a hand
Soba noodle

Soba noodle

Soba noodle is gluten free and highly nutritious. Learn noodle making techniques alongside buckwheat dumplings. Learn about and make Japanese liquid stock for noodles

Ramen noodle

Ramen has become hugely popular in the West. The course enables you to enjoy freshly cooked noodles at home. Learn how to make vegetarian and chicken stock. Create interesting and beautiful toppings to complete your ramen dish

Ramen noodle in hand
Gyoza on pink fabric


Learn how to make gyoza pastry. Explore different fillings and ways to cook gyoza. Make chilli oil and dipping sauce, popular accompaniments that pair well with gyoza

Japanese Curry

Learn how to make the spice mix that goes into the curry paste and curry sauce. Cooking Japanese rice and pickles that accompany the curry dish

Katsu curry
Chef Sachiko Saeki filleting salmon

Fish for Sashimi and Curing

Learn how to fillet fish and cut sashimi. Learn how to cure fish in a Japanese style


Japanese Sake Tasting workshop

Tasting 7 different types of sake

Workshop includes a talk that discusses:

• how sake is categorised

• how sake is made currently and in the past

• the ingredients used

• how to drink sake, the affect of vessel shape on the drinking experience and the types of food that are considered to pair well

Sachiko holds a SSI International Kikisake-shi (sake sommelier) certification

Japanese Fermentation

Learn about koji. Making miso, koji soya sauce and koji salt

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