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Chef Sachiko Saeki preparing sushi

"A really interesting tofu making course. I learnt everything I needed to know, and came home with really tasty tofu afterwards!

I recommend it to everyone who cooks with tofu, silken or firm, and wants to make less plastic waste, and have tofu a lot cheaper! it tastes nicer than store bought, too.

Thank you Sachiko!"

                                             A J Le Brun, 

                                Tofu Making class, Bristol

Sachiko Saeki's shojin ryori, photo credit Pak Keung Wan

An article for The Guardian newspaper leading up to the Shojin Ryori event for Guardian Members held at Warehouse Cafe, Birmingham, Jan 2016. Written by Sachiko Saeki and Pak-Keung Wan 

Sachiko Saeki instructing Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall on how to cook Japanese food on River Cottage Veg
River Cottage Veg Heroes, series17, episode5
I Choose Birmingham
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